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Too Busy....or are you?

In my work as an EOS Implementor and working with CEO's /Owners/ Entrepreneurs, it's amazing to me that I still hear" Sorry, too busy this week" or "too much on my plate right now" or how about this one "Man, I'm going full out right now". Ok, I get it, we are all playing full out.... or are we?

What I find is that many of these people are just "busy being busy" rather than "busy being productive". They are running the same protocols they've been running for years and they've NOT evolved.

The high performing CEO's/ Leaders I work with have a different outlook. What they tell me is that "There is no such thing as being too busy. If its a priority to me, then I'll make the time for it".

"I MAKE the time to go and work out at 5:30 am, I MAKE time for family dinners, I MAKE time to read and go for walks. If's it's not a priority or one of my Core Values, then I just pass and don't spend the time on it".

So, the next time someone tells you "they're too busy" just know that you are not a priority for them- at that time. Either you make yourself a priority by being of service/value or just take a pass and move on. If not then you are just wasting YOUR time.

Just saying... :)

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