What is the (X)-ceptional Leadership System?

Get employees Talking again, Listening again and Living again.

The (X)-ceptical Leadership System has been developed for Organizations looking to grow the Leadership capabilities of their teams.  With our 3 step success system: Awareness, Choice, and Results, your team starts to move forward in a unified direction. 


Step 1:  Awareness:  "You can't do better if you don't know better".  Leadership beings within.  Using a unique process, you learn more about yourself and those around you.


Step 2:  Choices:  "As you go through the strategies, tips, techniques and exercises from the (X)-ceptional Leadership modules, you start making better choices. You begin breaking old habits and instilling new ones. You realize what may have worked in the past may no longer be serving you any longer. 

Step 3: (X)-ceptional Results. As a result, with this new way of thinking and new "operating system", you will inevitably start seeing better results. 


Bottom line: The (X)-ceptional Leadership Process gets you: Taking again, Listening again and Living again.


(X)-ceptional Leadership System©


System Modules

Module 1

(X)-ceptional Leadership Begins Within

Module 5:

 (X)-ceptional Rock Star Client Care

Module 2:

(X)-ceptional Time Management &

Productivity Skills

Module 6:

 (X)-ceptional Resiliency During Change

Module 3:

(X)-ceptional Culture; Embracing

Diversity & Inclusion

Module 7:

 (X)-ceptional Work / Life Blend

& Mindfulness

Module 4:

(X)-ceptional Communication &

Presentation Skills

Module 8

 (X)-ceptional Purpose & Legacy

Business Priorities 


  • Profitability

  • Productivity

  • Customer Service

  • Turnover

System Outcomes

  • Increased communication amongst team members.

  • Higher productivity.

  • Increased accountabilty.

  • Lower turnover.

  • More focus on what's important.

  • Stronger sense of work-life blend.

  • More resilient to change.

  • Greater awareness of client needs.

  • Shift from Manager to Leader.

Past Event
Corporate Workshop 


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